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Edward Bergan patented Venetian blinds, London 1769


Latest Projects & Achievements

Achievements in tooting town centre

If you spot an attractive new feature in Tooting Town Centre, the chances are that the Tooting Town Centre Partnership has funded it, supported it, or led on the project..!

Here are some examples of our activities in the past year:

  • Continued development of tootinglife.com
  • Production of marketing items - postcards, balloons, badges
  • Welcome banners at Tooting Broadway
  • Hanging baskets at Tooting Broadway
  • The mural in Salvador (next to McDonalds)
  • The 'Indian Summer' bench outside Blockbusters
  • The new Tooting Town Centre Map
  • 'Live' Christmas trees in Tooting Town Centre Christmas 2002
  • Street Theatre Project at Church Corner August 2003
  • Sponsorship for Tooting Mela
  • Sponsorship for Toucan Theatre Company
  • Development of 'Church Corner' - at the junction of Mitcham Road and Church Lane
  • Hosting networking lunches for Tooting businesses
  • Bi-monthly newsletter for Tooting businesses
  • 'Just Bin It' event in partnership with McDonalds
  • Supporting introduction of Street Patrollers
  • Expansion of CCTV and retail radio schemes
  • Improvements to street cleansing (especially gum removal)
  • You can read more about many of these projects on the Town Centre Manager's pages which also carries a number of photographs...

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